Business and Management
I decided to start my career in Human Resources. Later on I got into project work. Problem solving is still one of my preferred disciplines, especially with demanding stakeholders or in challenging negotiations. Nowadays, I very much enjoy developing strategies and concepts and working on projects. I like to put my thoughts into words and love to help making things turn out well – and then, without longer breaks, embark on new projects.

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As long as I can remember, I’ve thought the meaning of life to be primarily found in learning and development. I wished to be satisfied at the end of my life and to have a relaxed look back for having recognised what is essential and lived accordingly. As a spiritual seeker I’ve tried a lot of different methods and compared various teachings – my goal was to come up with a differentiated view of what was good and feasable and would work. It was a time of searching and being busy with God. God not in a religious context but God as a creative force. Father, Son und Holy Ghost; Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh; or the One who Generates, Organizes, Destroys or Delivers (G-O-D).

God is your own infinite.

Yogi Bhajan, July 14, 1975

Passing it on
I succeeded in leaving behind many inner limitations and past burdens. This resulted in more true joy, freedom, serenity, sovereignty and feelings of happiness.

I’m convinced, because I’ve experienced it myself, that two things are needed for healing and development: treatment via and through the body as well as cognitive understanding.

The teachings of Kundalni Yoga, taught by Yogi Bhajan, represent science and wisdom in one. Yogi Bhajan was a great master of his time. He knew that men in times of great changes will have to face many and new difficulties. He brought old secret yogic knowledge to the West. We are privileged to be able to use it and to experience its intense therapeutic effects. To more wellbeing, happiness und success! I’m looking forward to be your facilitator and supporter.

I thank all the above mentioned, and also my not-mentioned, teachers and supporters. In particular Dr Mitsuo Shirahama, who made me discover the indivuation process according to C.G. Jung und who taught me BioEnergy-Therapy, Kim-Anne Jannes for important insights and the training that helped me to apply my sensitive abilities, and, with deep thanks, Guru Dev Singh for the meditation and Sat Nam Rasyan instruction and schooling.